ABC for Life Grade 2 Learners

ABC Makes an “Immense Difference” at Sentinel School

ABC for Life Grade 2 Learners

A group of Grade 2 learners learning to tell time in Ms. Rene’s class.

Mrs. Englebrecht, the Principal at Sentinel Primary School, wrote a letter to ABC for Life in January detailing the 2012 systemic evaluation and how ABC for Life has been “instrumental” in the “significant academic gains” at the school in 2012.

The systemic evaluation reveals a “Significant improvement” of 15.4% in end of year exam scores for grade 3 learners in numeracy for 2012 compared to 2011. Grade 3 also saw “Improvement” of 3.9% in literacy.

Grade 6 improved by 4.8% in numeracy and significantly improved literacy by 10.9%.

When the learners’ scores were broken down by home language (English or Afrikaans) it was revealed that English learners preform significantly better than Afrikaans learners. ABC for Life has focused exclusively on English learners until now and Mrs. Englebrecht attributes the English learners’ success directly to ABC for Life.

“It is a privilege to work with the dedicated and professional colleagues from ABC, who are always wiling to support and do their best for our children. We cannot provide quality education without valuable partners like you. Thank you that you have chosen Sentinel to work in. Together we can achieve even more. I am looking forward to a continued prosperous partnership in years to come.”

To read the full letter, email and request a copy.

ABC for Life Outside Classroom

Maths learners and their teacher Ms. Hilda outside the ABC classrooms.

The diversity of learning

IMG-20180730-WA0023 IMG-20180730-WA0022 IMG-20180730-WA0018

Learning in progress…
Learning becomes so much fun and beneficial if diverse methods are used in class.
This is our One on One Afrikaans program; learners are using their homemade dough to practice spelling… So proud they can make their own dough. Keep up the good work